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Family Visa Services in Dubai

A person who has a residency or employment visa for the UAE may sponsor members of his family; under certain conditions, a wife may also sponsor her husband.

Any person who holds a resident visa (such as an investor or employment visa) may sponsor members of his or her family. It required a monthly minimum wage of AED 4,000 in addition to accommodation that was given by the employer.

The type of occupation is no longer a requirement for an expatriate worker to sponsor his family's visas as of March 2019. The UAE government changed the rule that only individuals in certain occupations were eligible to apply for family sponsorship visas. Now, a foreign worker of any profession can sponsor his family members' residence permits and bring them over to the UAE.

Husband sponsoring his wife

The expatriate resident must provide an authorized marriage certificate in Arabic or one that has been properly translated into Arabic by a qualified translator in order to verify that he is the sponsor of his wife.

Required Documents for Family Visa in Dubai:

  • Sponsor valid Residence Visa, Emirates ID, Passport Copy, Photo

  • Family member Passport copy, clear Passport size Photo

  • Attested relationship certificate for the wife it would be Marriage Certificate and for children it would be a birth certificate.

  • Sponsor Labor Contract in case of working in mainland company / Salary Certificate attested from Free zone authority in case of Free zone employed.

  • Residence-proof home EJARI.

  • Latest utility Bill copy of the sponsor.

  • Last 3 Month Bank Statement.

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