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Why it is so hard to open a bank account for regular customers?

Some of our clients might not be totally familiar with the procedure for creating a bank account in the UAE; as a result, these customers could need help to make the process simpler.

Recent marketing trends demonstrate how difficult it has gotten to obtain a business bank account in the UAE. Banks carefully carry out their internal due diligence procedures in light of the financial and banking legislation created as a result of preventative steps implemented to curb money laundering.

Banks ask a beneficial owner of a firm for a long list of documents in order to examine the company's operations. Although such investigations shield banks from possible capital misappropriation, they frequently cause normal customers to feel harassed.

We acknowledge that there are more options for creating bank accounts in the UAE than in other jurisdictions, but we also have knowledge of some UAE institutions' pragmatic strategies. Analogic Rights has a lot of expertise in setting bank accounts with banks in the United Arab Emirates.

Prior to submitting your documents to banks, we perform our own similar review of them and look for warning signs in your portfolio. Our experts can also provide you with advice on the numerous advantageous banking packages and solutions that are suited to your demands and financial situation.

As a result, Analogic Rights is able to provide clients with high-quality services and have a success rate of around 100% when creating bank accounts in the UAE.

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