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Tax Domicile

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Organizations are growing to a variety of different regions due to the current economic climate. As a result, some governments have made the decision to tax their residents' and companies' worldwide revenue. A tax domicile certificate, also known as a tax residence certificate, is a document that a country issues to businesses, people, and government organizations so that they can take advantage of procedures to prevent double taxation (DTA). These documents prove to the applicant's residency in the country that issued them.

The UAE signed 115 DTAs with the majority of its trading partners in order to enhance its development objectives.

A company must have been in existence for at least one year from the date of application in order to receive a tax domicile certificate; however, a person must have been present in the UAE for at least 183 days in order to do so. A tax residence certificate in the UAE is issued by the Ministry of Finance.​

Individuals are required to provide the following documents :

  • Copies of a valid passport and a visa that was issued at least 180 days before the verification

  • Copy of Emirates ID

  • 6 months of personal UAE bank statements with bank stamps

  • Proof of income for immigration to the UAE (GDRF) Report (report evidencing all entries into and out of the UAE) (report evidencing all entries into and out of the UAE)

  • Title deed or certified copy of a lease that has been in effect for at least three months prior to application

  • Copy of current trade license

  • A physical office space is required, and a certified copy of the leasing agreement or title deed must be in force for at least three months prior to application (not flexi-desk)

  • Latest certified, audited financial statement or corporate bank statements gathered over the last six months, and both must be stamped by the UAE bank.

  • Passport, visa copy, Emirates ID of the company director or manager.

Similar to this, an entity must provide the Ministry with the following documentation:

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