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Company Formation

The United Arab Emirates is a popular jurisdiction for investors worldwide. And here is why

Notable features:

  • The UAE is a recognized country

  • Decrease or removal of taxes paid on income, which leads to capital gain

  • 100% repatriation of income

  • Whitelisted state for OECD and FATF

  • Evasion of double taxation

  • Favorable geographical location for business

  • Trustworthy judicial and legal systems that preserve international investment

  • Economic and political stability of the country

  • The infrastructure of international recognition and continuous growth

Categories of business set up in the UAE

There are now three main types of businesses operating in the UAE, each of which is defined by the kind of ownership, the extent of responsibility, and the participation of UAE nations as partners.

  1. Companies registered in Free Economic Zones

  2. Mainland companies under government regulations.

  3. Offshore companies

What we offer

A skilled corporation formation and transaction team at Analogic Rights offers comprehensive business assembling guidance and operational assistance.

We assist you with the following and provide you with advice on starting a business from scratch in the United Arab Emirates:

  • Selecting a legal entity type

  • Choice of a free zone 

  • Options for office location

  • Preparing the documentation needed for the foundation

  • Attestation of documents

  • Solutions to bank-related problems

  • Receiving a residence visa


All of the services we offer are of the highest caliber and are both time and cost efficient.

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