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Power of Attorney with Private Notary

A Power of Attorney is a legal instrument that enables you to designate another person with the power to act in your place when you are unable to do so yourself. There are countless circumstances in which a power of attorney can be needed, but some examples include selling personal property like a car, managing your company or real estate, or advocating for your interests in front of government officials while you are away.

We are pleased to provide you with a comprehensive range of Power of Attorney drafting, representation, translation, legalization, and other related services as the specialized Power of Attorney business in the United Arab Emirates.

To make sure that the Power of Attorney is customized for your needs and not just a generic template, we take into account every aspect of your circumstance while we draft it.

We are dedicated to making your interaction with us as easy and effective as we can. We are aware that for the most majority of our clients, time is of the essence.

Last but not least, it is crucial to remember that any Power of Attorney intended for use in the United Arab Emirates must either be entirely in Arabic or be translated into Arabic by a professional translator from English. To spare you the trouble of looking for an authorized legal translator and to make the process simpler for you, we have teamed with some of the top translators in the area. You will have the chance to get your Power of Attorney translated into Arabic at a lower cost when you order a Power of Attorney from us. Additionally, you may use our notarization guidance service if you're unsure how to notarize your POA in the UAE.

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