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Residency in the UAE

People come to the UAE because of the advantages it offers its residents.

The United Arab Emirates has grown as one of the top destinations for immigration thanks to its absence of income taxes, comparably low maintenance expenses, political stability, and welcoming investment environment.

There are a variety of factors that make the United Arab Emirates an ideal place to live, including:

  • No wealth or income taxes;

  • Acquisition of tax residency;

  • Family members' right to a residence permit;

  • Entrance to GCC nations without a visa;

  • No restrictions on the residence permits obtained;

  • Establishing bank accounts in UAE banks is a possibility;

  • Relatively minimal setup and operating costs;

  • Return of unrestricted profits

  • No requirements for substances

  • Quick procedures for acquiring a resident visa and establishing a business.

Getting a resident visa—typically granted for one or two years—enables you to experience the aforementioned perks in addition to others. Obtaining a resident visa involves:

  • Working for a UAE company

  • Purchasing property in the UAE

A residence visa for oneself and any accompanying family members may be obtained by any investor in a newly established UAE firm.

Any business with a physical presence in the UAE (apart from offshore businesses) is permitted to grant work and residency permits to its workers.

A residency visa for the UAE or Dubai may be obtained upon the acquisition of real estate on UAE territory, as long as it costs at least one million dirhams.

A resident visa application might take longer and be more difficult than expected. Expats must go through a laborious process of paperwork, planning, and coordination with government agencies.

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