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Re-domiciliation with Analogic Rights

Re-domiciliation: What is it?

Re-domiciliation, often known as migration, is the method by which a company shifts its domicile, or the location in which business is conducted, from one jurisdiction to another while keeping its legal identity

What benefits does
re-domiciliation offer?

  • Protection of the company's history and branding

  • Preserving current clientele and contracts

  • Maintaining your current legal status

  • Reputation and past record in banking remains

  • Corporate reorganization flexibility

Why would businesses relocate to the UAE?

  • The UAE is a recognized country

  • Decrease or removal of taxes paid on income, which leads to capital gain

  • 100% repatriation of income

  • Whitelisted state for OECD and FATF

  • Evasion of double taxation

  • Favorable geographical location for business

  • Trustworthy judicial and legal systems that preserve international investment

  • Economic and political stability of the country

  • The infrastructure of international recognition and continuous growth

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